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2017ABC series on diagnostic parasitology part 1: the Willis methodMesquita, João R.; Esteves, Fernando; Santos, Carla; Mega, Ana Cristina; Coelho, Catarina; Cruz, Rita; Vala, Helena; Nóbrega, CármenarticleclosedAccess
2017ABC series on diagnostic parasitology part 2: the McMaster methodNóbrega, Cármen; Santos, Carla; Mega, Ana Cristina; Coelho, Catarina; Cruz, Rita; Vala, Helena; Esteves, Fernando; Mesquita, João R.articleclosedAccess
2017ABC series on diagnostic parasitology part 3: the Baermann techniqueMesquita, João R.; Mega, Ana Cristina; Coelho, Catarina; Cruz, Rita; Vala, Helena; Esteves, Fernando; Santos, Carla; Nóbrega, CármenarticleclosedAccess
5-Out-2016Acute gastroenteritis outbreak associated to norovirus GI.9 in a Portuguese army baseLopes, António João; Mesquita, João R.; de Sousa, Rita; Oleastro, Mónica; Gonçalves, Carlos Penha; Nascimento, Maria Sao JoséarticleclosedAccess
2017A case of giant cell tumourVala, Helena; Andrade, Luís; Nóbrega, Carmen; Santos, Carla; Cruz, Rita; Mega, Ana Cristina; Esteves, Fernando; Gomes, A.; Mesquita, João R.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2017Chronic splenic lesions in surviving pigs from outbreaks of gastric disordersVala, Helena; Carreira, Patrícia; Esteves, Fernando; Santos, Carla; Cruz, Rita; Mesquita, João R.; Nóbrega, Carmen; Resendes, A.; Ségalez, J.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2016Epizootic and epidemic dermatophytose outbreaks caused byTrichophyton mentagrophytesfrom rabbits in Portugal, 2015Mesquita, João R.; Nóbrega, Carmen; Oliveira, Jorge; Coelho, Catarina; Vala, Helena; Fratti, Marina; Arabatzis, Michael; Velegraki, Aristea; Monod, MichelarticlerestrictedAccess
2016First evidence of Schmallenberg virus introduction in Portugal, 2014Esteves, Fernando; Mesquita, João R.; Vala, Helena; Cruz, Rita; Santos, Carla; Silva, Joana; Coelho, Ana; Poel, Wim; Nascimento, MariaconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2017Hepatic histopathological lesions in acute controled haemorrhage followed by volume replacement with a crystalloid or colloid solutionVala, Helena; Pina, R.; Cruz, R.; Venâncio, C.; Esteves, Fernando; Silva, A.; Mesquita, João R.; Ortiz, A. L.; Ferreira, D.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
Set-2016Hepatitis E virus genotype 3 in mussels (Mytilus galloprovinciallis), SpainMesquita, João R.; Oliveira, Danielle; Rivadulla, Enrique; Silva, Joana Abreu; Varela, Miguel F.; Romalde, Jesús L.; Nascimento, Maria S. J.articleclosedAccess
1-Out-2016Hepatitis E Virus in Sylvatic and Captive Wild Boar from PortugalMesquita, João R.; Oliveira, R. M. S.; Coelho, Catarina; Vieira-Pinto, M.; Nascimento, M. S. J.articleembargoedAccess
23-Mai-2016Measles antibodies in cord blood in Portugal: Possible consequences for the recommended age of vaccinationGonçalves, Guilherme; Nunes, Carla; Mesquita, João R.; Nascimento, Maria São José; Frade, JoãoarticleclosedAccess
Nov-2016Persistence of rubella and mumps antibodies, following changes in the recommended age for the second dose of MMR vaccine in PortugalGonçalves, G.; Frade, J.; Nascimento, M. S. J.; Mesquita, João R.; Nunes, C.articleclosedAccess
28-Dez-2016Seroprevalence of Hepatitis E Virus Antibodies in Portuguese ChildrenOliveira, Ricardo; Mesquita, João R.; Pereira, Sara; Abreu-Silva, Joana; Teixeira, Joana; Nascimento, Maria São JoséarticleclosedAccess
2015The Epidemiology of Blood-Contaminated Needlestick Injuries Among Veterinarians in PortugalMesquita, João R.; Sousa, Sofia I. V.; Vala, Helena; Nascimento, Maria S. J.articlerestrictedAccess