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Título: The influence of drying on the chemical properties of the chestnuts.
Autor: Fernandes, RMC
Guiné, Raquel
Correia, Paula
Palavras-chave: Chestnut
Data: 2004
Citação: Fernandes RMC, Guiné RPF, Correia PMR. (2004) The influence of drying on the chemical properties of the chestnuts. Livro de resumos do III International Chestnut Congress, p. 59, Chaves.
Resumo: Chestnuts production represents 52% of national husk fruit production. Commercial balance has been favourable over the last five years, with export volume surpassing importation, which is a competitive advantage1. The number of varieties of chestnuts produced in Portugal is not wide, and their characterization is in general not very precise. The most commercialized ones are the Longal, Judia, Côta, Martaínha, Lada, Bária, Colarinha and Negral2. In this work three varieties were studied, namely Longal, Martaínha and Viana, this last from the Azores, about which the state of knowledge is still very restrict3. The variety Longal presents a medium size, good conservation and organoleptic properties and is very sweet and tasty. It is easily peeled and its maturation is late (end of October and early November). Its interior is not very septated and it is preferably used fresh, in sweets or powder4. The variety Martaínha is of large size but its peeling is not so easy as the variety Longal. It also maturates late and is scarcely septated3. The variety Viana is of small size, and its colour is darker than the other two. The peeling is more difficult than in the other two varieties, which can eventually limit its industrial potentialities3. The chestnut, whether fresh or dry, could be used as an ingredient in ice-cream, yoghurt or other confectionary products such as cakes, jams and puddings5.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.19/1295
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