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Título: Application of molecular gastronomy principles to the development of a
Autor: Guiné, Raquel
Dias, Ana
Peixoto, Ana
Gonzaga, Marta
Silva, Margarida
Palavras-chave: olive oil
Molecular gastronomy
Product development
Data: 2013
Citação: Guiné RPF, Dias A, Peixoto A, Matos M, Gonzaga M, Silva M (2013) Application of molecular gastronomy principles to the development of a powdered olive oil and market study aiming at its commercialization
Resumo: The molecular gastronomy is a science that is increasingly expanding, allowing the transformation of traditional food products into innovative products, thereby raising their sensory characteristics, appreciated by the population. In this way, the present work was developed having in mind the creation of an innovative product, the powdered olive oil. For that, different variations were created: natural, with oregano, with parsley, with garlic, with paprika and with natural red coloring. The product was then presented to the public, and a market study was conducted to identify if the product would be bought by the potential consumers. The respondents admitted to have intention of buying the product, especially in the fl avored form, more than 70% of the inquired, thus allowing to see this as a positive signal for the acceptance of the product by the consumers. Having in mind that the launching of a new product has some risks, a SWOT analysis was performed and some threats were identi fi ed, namely the economic situation and the price.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.19/1788
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