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Título: Ethical moral knowledge in nursing students
Autor: Cunha, Madalena
Albuquerque, Carlos
Dias, António Madureira
Aparício, Graça
Bica, Isabel
André, Suzana
Martins, Rosa
25º Curso de Licenciatura em Enfermagem
Palavras-chave: knowledge
students, nursing
Data: Mar-2015
Editora: INTED2015
Citação: Cunha, M., Albuquerque, C., Dias, A. M., Aparício, G., Bica, I., André, S., Martins, R., & Students 25 Course Nursing Degree. (2015, March). Ethical moral knowledge in nursing students. Proceedings of INTED2015 Conference 2nd-4th March 2015, Madrid, Spain, 7382-7385. ISBN: 978-84-606-5763-7
Resumo: Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Ethical/moral education is essential to design a scientific course in the health area, as well as for the development of the profession sustained on scientific evidence and best clinical practices. OBJECTIVE: To assess the level of ethical/moral knowledge; to determine if age and gender influence the level of ethical/moral knowledge. METHODS: Descriptive-analytic, cross-sectional study with a non-probabilistic sample of 85 students enrolled in the 1st cycle of the nursing degree. RESULTS: It was found that most students (55.3%) expressed a positive understanding of ethical and moral knowledge. The remaining students manifest a knowledge deficit (44.7%). Male students have a better knowledge (76.9% vs. 51.4%), and women are more highly represented in the group with insufficient knowledge (48.6% vs. 23.1%). Students with more hours of training hold better knowledge of professional duties. CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that nursing students have ethical/moral knowledge appropriate to the training course attended, demonstrating that the educational intervention promotes ethically driven training for care.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.19/2675
ISBN: 978-84-606-5763-7
Versão do Editor: http://iated.org/inted/publications
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