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Título: Educational training program on diabetes mellitus type 1 directed to teachers
Autor: Bica, Isabel
Martins, Regina
Francisco, Gabriela
Albuquerque, Carlos
Costa, Patricia
Dias, António
Costa, José
Palavras-chave: Educational training program
Diabetes mellitus type 1
Data: Mar-2015
Editora: INTED2015 Proceedings
Citação: Bica, I., Martins, R., Francisco, G., Albuquerque, C., Costa, P., Dias, A., & Costa, J. (2015, March). Educational training program on diabetes mellitus type 1 directed to teachers. Proceedings of the 9th International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Spain, 7687-7692
Resumo: Diabetes does not have to be an obstacle for optimal integration of children in school and social life. For this, the health and education professionals play a key role. Currently, clinical advances in the treatment of diabetes complemented with a good practice of health education, carried out by health professionals, make possible a full integration in the educational system of the children with type 1 diabetes mellitus. Methods: Analytical study quasi experimental - before and after educational training program, about the knowledge of teachers on children with type 1 diabetes mellitus without the control group. Sample of 69 teachers from public schools in central Portugal, aged between 25 and 60 years, mean 43 years old. Material: Data collection was conducted through a questionnaire of knowledge about the child with type 1 diabetes mellitus, applied before and after participation in the education program for health. The program consisted of theoretical and practical training on what is diabetes, treatment (diet, exercise and therapy), symptoms and complications, with demonstration and practice on the individual constituents of a healthy meal and insulin treatment. Care in an emergency situation. Results: Participants are mostly female (94.2%). Most reside in urban areas 85.1% and 14.9% in rural areas. The years of service in the profession ranged from 2 to 30 years with an average of 15.9 years of service (SD = 8.09). The service time with students with diabetes alternated between 0 and 15 years an average of 1.13 years of service with diabetic children (SD = 2.30). With regard to knowledge of teachers on children with type 1 diabetes at school there were highly significant statistical differences after the educational program in the dimensions: nutrition, exercise, complications (hyper and hipogligemia) and insulin treatment and control of glucose (p = 0.000). Conclusion: The results revealed that the educational training positively influenced teachers' knowledge about type 1 diabetes in children of school age. Through education, professionals can identify the problems and solve them through the search for knowledge and changes in attitudes. However, it is important to develop and implement the study on a larger sample.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.19/2828
ISBN: 978-84-606-5763-7
ISSN: 2340-1079
Versão do Editor: http://library.iated.org/view/BICA2015EDU
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