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Título: The L1 school subject: assessment of the impact of the common core state standards on primary school textbooks of portuguese
Autor: Matos, Isabel Aires
Silva, Ana Isabel
Melão, Dulce
Amante, Susana
Castelo, Adelina
Balula, João Paulo Rodrigues
Palavras-chave: Common Core State Standards for Portuguese;
Evaluation of educational resources
Teaching and learning of Portuguese
Data: 3-Jun-2015
Resumo: In Portugal, the last few years have been marked by continuous and rapid changes in the curriculum guidelines of Portuguese in Elementary Education. As a result of these changes, didactic resources have been produced in order to keep up with the fast developments that have been taking place. Bearing in mind that the lifecycle of textbooks is six years in Portugal, analyzing the impact of the above-mentioned changes on these resources becomes of utmost importance. Thus, this paper aims at examining and discussing the changes that the Common Core State Standards for Portuguese (CCSSP), enacted in August 2012, produce in the adaptation of Primary School textbooks of Portuguese. Six Primary School textbooks of Portuguese, published by four different publishing houses, were analyzed, according to the following criteria: (i) the overall structure of the textbook, its division into units and didactic sequences; (ii) operationalisation of the performance descriptors of the CCSSP in textbooks; (iii) texts within textbooks that are proposed as part of the domain of Literary Education (LE). It is possible to observe that there are minor differences between textbooks that have been adapted to the CCSSP and those non-adapted in terms of the global structure, of the organization of didactic units, of the structure of didactic sequences and of most aspects at a micro level. However, we can note that the CCSSP define the literary corpus to be explored and, given the central role played by the text in textbooks (in which the reading, writing, grammar and speaking tasks depend on the text), the lack of the prescribed texts is difficult to overcome. It is in this light that we will study the real impact of the changes in the curriculum guidelines on the production of didactic resources for mother tongue education and we will also reflect on what truly forms the basis of mother tongue textbooks.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.19/2845
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