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Título: The Impact of Leadership Behaviors and Communication Styles of Military Leaders on the Performance of Followers
Autor: Sousa, Paulo
Rouco, Carlos
Nogueira, Fernanda
Carvalho, Ana Branca
Dias, Damasceno
Palavras-chave: Leadership behaviors
Communication style
Criterion factors
Military context
Data: 12-Nov-2015
Resumo: Abstract: The aim of this research is to analyze and relate the leadership behaviors and communication styles required of Infantry junior officers in their daily command tasks, in order to influence their subordinates to achieve extraordinary effort, group effectiveness and satisfaction. For this study, was used quantitative method and a survey was implemented comprising three questionnaires: one on leadership competences, one on communication styles, and one on with three criterion factors (extraordinary effort, group effectiveness and satisfaction). The survey was administered to a sample of 804 soldiers (30 Junior Officers, 81 Sergeants and 693 privates and corporals). The analysis of the data revealed that subordinates perceive that their commanders (junior officers) practice task oriented leadership behaviors, particularly on “orientation to the mission” and “decision making”. The behaviors exhibited by the officers strongly and positively relate with the “assertive” communication style. Moreover, all leadership behaviors practiced by the officers are strongly associated to the criterion factors, with the exception of the leadership dimension “vision”, which presents weaker correlations. The leadership dimensions that junior officers can conduct to promote satisfaction is “conflict management” and “participative leadership”.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.19/4409
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