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Title: Interaction of wine mannoproteins and arabinogalactans with anthocyanins
Author: Gonçalves, Fernando J.
Coimbra, Manuel A.
Fernandes, Pedro
Wessel, Dulcineia Ferreira
Cardoso, Susana M.
Rocha, Sílvia M.
Keywords: Polysaccharides
Issue Date: 20-Sep-2017
Citation: Gonçalves, F.J., Fernandes, P.A.R., Wessel, D.F., Cardoso, S.M., Rocha, S.M., & Coimbra, M.A. (2017). Interaction of wine mannoproteins and arabinogalactans with anthocyanins. Food Chemistry, pp. 1-37. Doi:
Abstract: Wine polymeric material (WPM), which includes polysaccharides, proteins, and polyphenolic compounds, interacts with anthocyanins. To determine the contribution of polysaccharides in these interactions, the diffusion performance of anthocyanins along a dialysis membrane was determined in the presence and absence of isolated mannoproteins (MP) and arabinogalactans (AG) from WPM. Furthermore, to estimate the extent of the interaction between WPM and polyphenolic compounds, the activation energy (Ea) required for their diffusion in the presence of WPM was determined. AG, generally more abundant than MP in wine, interact in a greater extent with anthocyanins, showing their relevant contribution for WPM/anthocyanins interactions. The Ea for the diffusion of polyphenolic compounds in presence of WPM indicated the occurrence of interactions with relative weak to strong intensities (2.6–50.8 kJ/mol). As not all polyphenolic compounds were able to be released from WPM, stronger interactions, possibly by covalent linkages, are involved, providing new insights on WPM/polyphenolic compounds relationships.
Peer review: yes
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