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Título: Asociación de Difusión de Educación a Distancia A.D.E.D.
Autor: Sanches de Rebaudi, María Isabel Cabezudo
Palavras-chave: Distance education
Data: Jan-2000
Editora: Instituto Politécnico de Viseu
Relatório da Série N.º: 17;
Resumo: Conscious of the present needs, we enhance the idea of distance education. First, as a project and then as an educational program, in order to train women and children, bearing family and society in mind. A short and specific training that enables students retake abandoned studies was elaborated as the first step. It has been proved that forming an Executive Assistant on a course of MERCOSUR Secretariat would become an efficient intermediate way to a program which will determine new conducts and promote to undertake higher studies. Having achieved this experience as a distance education centre in the city of Mar del Plata. The following characteristics and results have been evaluated: * It is an ethical and social educational work. * It is an educational offer that responds to regional requirements.* The learning-teaching material and tutelage are plurilingual and in accordance with the needs of the countries in which they will be implemented (Argentia, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile and Uruguay). * It focuses on educational quality and makes use of technology, being adaptable to the students' different levels. * With adequate financing, it has the capacity of continuous growth. * It allows the creation of new distance educational centres in the region, enabling the intervening countries to both emit and receive the program. * It teaches the characteristics and prospects of the common markets, considering their assets and liabilities. * It complies with the principles of the last women's conference in China with the objectives of FIMU1, FLAMU2, UNESCO, OREALC, ADED3, meeting the needs of emerging countries. Besides, it expands educational frontier within the frame of globalization and interconnected present day world fostering job insertion4.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.19/938
ISSN: 1647-662X
Aparece nas colecções:RE - Número 17 - Janeiro de 2000

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